Seize the Opportunity

It is unfathomable that we are at the precipice of the summer season…Memorial Day Weekend!! Now begins the planning for all we hope to accomplish during the muggy, mosquito-ridden, hot, and BBQ filled months that lay ahead.

One “you don’t want to miss” event to get on you calendar is the ILTA 2021 Convention! It will be held in Chicago from July 7-9, 2021. There are GREAT reasons why you need to plan to attend…

Gives you a chance to catch up with other ILTA members that you have only seen on Zoom for over a year. And, if you believe you do not know any ILTA members…this is your chance. There will even be a new event this year with ILTA Ambassadors to show you the ropes and introduce you to others on July 7 at 3:30.

Relevant topics will be covered during the Engagement Panels and encompassed within the content of the speakers. Cybersecurity, Marketing and Branding, Closing Table Issues and the top 2021 State Laws and Case Law to name a few. Interaction with the presenters is encouraged so you can leave with questions answered.

Entertainment is really diverse this year, as education is important but having fun is important too. There will be an Architecture River Tour that will highlight title issues, a Murder Mystery, live music in the hospitality suite and a Trivia Night, for those with a competitive nature.

Affordable! You are able to go to one location and hear from great speakers and common-sense approaches presented by those in the field. If you have trepidation regarding being out of office for multiple days, this year you can also just come for a day utilizing the daily rate. So, come for the whole convention or one day…your choice.

Take this opportunity to visit vendors that will be focusing on products that will enhance your title production or closing needs. These companies that value coming to the ILTA convention will share products pivotal to our industry.

So, unlike the 1945 movie “Meet Me in St. Louis,” we are the 2021 version of “Meet Us in Chicago!”

Click here to learn more and register.

-Susan Higgins, ILTA President 2020-2021

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