Energy Generated by the Gathering

by Frank Pellegrini, ILTA Past President 2004-05
June 29, 2017

I am looking forward to the ILTA Annual Meeting in the beautiful Lake Delavan area of Wisconsin. It is just a couple of weeks away.

Of course, the venue, the scenery, the tranquil setting, and the companionship of good friends are all aspects which we anticipate with much enthusiasm. But of equal, if not greater, reason to look forward to the Convention is the energy generated by the gathering. It is an energy fueled by ideas.

When the Association comes together, the occasion gives us the opportunity to share our concerns, to share our challenges, and to share our experiences. But, the event also provides the backdrop and framework to craft ideas. The sessions will be thought-provoking as they invariably are, the networking will be invigorating, private side conversations will be sincere and helpful.

It seems to me that the Convention, more so than any other event on the ILTA calendar, is a time and place where members can shed their armor of market combat and be in a safe place to grow, to learn, to interact, and to smile.

I am looking forward to the Convention with great anticipation; and this year’s event will be another chance to add to the memories of so many wonderful affairs of the past. I encourage your involvement and participation. You will be handsomely rewarded.

CLICK HERE to see a full convention brochure. There is still time to register!