ALTA Products

ALTA/ILTA Affilated Marketing Program

The American Land Title Association (ALTA) and ILTA have entered into an “affiliated marketing agreement” whereby ILTA member can enjoy a 25% discount on selected educational tools and products.

  • All Courses and DVD collection:
    • Title 101
    • Title 201
    • Escrow Accounting Procedures
    • Ethics in the Title Industry
  • LTI Video-based Training
    • The Need For Land Title Services (12 minutes)
    • Claims Awareness (14 minutes)
    • Principles of Title Searching (16 minutes)
    • This Land is My Land, That Land is Your Land (41 minutes)
    • Behind the Scenes: A Look at the Settlement Process (22 minutes)
    • Closing Real Estate Transactions in 2010: The New RESPA Rule, GFE & HUD-1 (70 minutes)
    • The Return of Thaddeus Eagle: Completing a Title Insurance Commitment Form (18 minutes)
    • The Policy Detectives: An Introduction to ALTA’s 2006 Loan and Owner’s Policies (41 minutes)
  • TILA-RESPA Disclosures and Rule Training CD
  • ILTA Member Code for the 25% discount is ILLTA