Holiday Parodies Sum It Up

by Julie Angelakos, ILTA Communication Committee Co-Chair

We have all been through a lot this year. And while many of us may want to, it is unlikely that we will forget 2020 any time soon. In 2021, ILTA will be focusing our Title Matters articles on stories of change that resulted from the challenges our industry has faced this past year.

Rather than recap the year, I would like to share two holiday song parodies from Mary Schmich that seem to sum up the year. These songs and others were in The Chicago Tribune, published in the December 9, 2020 issue.

I’ll Be Home for Christmas

I’ll be home for Christmas
Where else would I be?
Trav’ling? No. They say: Don’t go!
Just sit at home with your tree
Christmas Eve will find me
Staring at my screen
I’ll be home for Christmas
Obeying quarantine.

Let Us Zoom!
Oh, the virus outside is frightful
But the Wi-Fi’s so delightful
And since we’re stuck in some room
Let us zoom, let us zoom, let us zoom!
Oh, it doesn’t show signs of stopping
And we’re home for school and shopping
We’re fighting off thoughts of doom
So we zoom and we zoom and we zoom
When the virus is fin’lly gone
We’ll be glad to go out in a storm
But ‘til the new vaccine’s dawn
Let’s stay safe inside where it’s warm
Oh, the vaccine will soon be coming
We can hear that hope a’humming
But now we fight off the gloom
Singing, “Zoom! Let us zoom! Let us zoom!”

Happy Holidays and Stay Safe!