ILTA Designation Courses

The ILTA is proud to offer two designation programs for people who want to know more about the title industry.  The Illinois Tille Professional (ITP) and Illinois Escrow Professional (IEP) designations have quickly become the standard for industry knowledge for title and escrow professionals in Illinois. 

There are two separate tracts available.  Each tract includes 4 courses. Courses were developed by professionals within the industry and reviewed by title insurance experts.   Each course is taught by instructors who have extensive experience in the title industry. Each course is followed by an exam which must be passed in order to earn credit for the course. To earn a designation, the designee must have attended all four courses and passed all four exams. 

Illinois Title Professional 
Course 1 - Title Insurance Commitments 
Course 2 - Tenancies, Coneyances, Homestead, Powers of Attorney
Course 3 - Legal Descriptions, Surveys, Disclosed Matters 
Course 4 - Court Matters Affecting Real Property 

Illinois Escrow Professional 

Course 1 - Introduction to Settlement Services, HUD-1, Loan Estimate, Closing Disclosures, Settlement Statements 
Course 2 - Deeds, Clearing Title, Power of Attorney, Corporations, Estates, Claims
Course 3 - New Construction 
Course 4 - Commercial Transactions 

Designation Renewals 
  • 8 hours of Continuing Education Credit (CE) are required per 2-year renewal cycle
  • If a Designaee has both their ITP and IEP designation, a total of 8 CEs are needed for renewal
    • The dual designee does not need 8 CEs per designation 
Ways to Earn CE Towards your Designation Renewal
Category CEs Earned Max CEs for Category/Renewal Cycle
ILTA Convention 4 CE per convention attended 8
In-Person ILTA Committee Meeting Attendance 1 CE for each in-person committee meeting attended 2
ILTA Webinar / Seminar Attendance  1 CE for each full hour of attendance with a maximum of 4 CEs per event 8
ILTA Designation Class Refresher 4 CEs for each designation course attended  8
ALTA Face to Face Educational Program 1 CE for attendance at a program lasting 1 hour or more  1
Underwriter Webinar / Seminar  1 CE per hour program 



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