Legislative Timely Updates During Session

ILTA Legislative

*During the legislative session, ILTA will provide timely updates of House and Senate bills and its positions using an expanded portal on our lobby firm’s website (Illinois Capitol Group). One click and you can see the latest action and positions on all  bills ILTA is monitoring and/or actively lobbying on behalf of the ILTA membership.

Electronic Witness Slip

Please follow the directions below to file an electronic witness slip on any legislation that ILTA is calling for member action.

1.      Go to: http://www.ilga.gov/

2.      Click on the red GA Dashboard

3.      Click on House or Senate; Committee Hearing; Week.

4.      Complete the witness slip.

HB/SB Updates

The 101st General Assembly convenes January 9, 2019. ILTA will post bills and the Association’s positions on this site. Please check back for updates.

Session Deadline Dates:

February 15 – Introduction of Bills in Both House & Senate

March 22 & 29 – Senate Bills / House Substantive Bills out of Committee

April 12 – 3rd Reading in both House & Senate

May 10 – Substantive bills from Opposite Chamber out of Committee

May 24 – 3rd Reading of Opposite Chamber bills