New Notary Journal Requirement Delayed

The expected start of new notary journal requirements this month are being delayed up to three months.

Administrative rule staff officially filed objections this week to the Secretary of State’s proposed notary regulations, and the Secretary of State’s office has agreed to withdraw its rule-making to refile the latest version of proposed rules for further public comment and official state agency response.

Click here for the latest version of the proposed notary rules.

For background on the administrative rule process, click here for ILTA’s recent news summary.

For a summary of the administrative rule staff objection, click here or see below:

“JCAR objects to the Secretary of State rulemaking titled Notary Public Records (14 IAC 176; 46 Ill Reg 5874) because of serious technical errors and significant outstanding issues from commenters. 1 IAC 220.900(a)(2)(F) requires rulemakings to be free of serious technical errors, redundancies and grammatical or typographical errors that could affect the meaning of the rules. Furthermore, 1 Ill. Adm. Code 220.900(a)(3)(E) requires agencies to adequately respond to public comments concerning the rulemaking. Although the Secretary of State has worked with JCAR staff to address many of these concerns in the final version of the rule, making changes of this volume and complexity to a rulemaking without additional public review would circumvent a full public comment process. The Secretary of State has indicated its intent to withdraw this rulemaking and refile the latest agreed-upon version as a new rulemaking so that all interested parties have the opportunity to comment again.”