Wake Up & Smell the Security!

by Linda Grahovec, ITP, IEP, NTP – ILTA Communication Committee Chairman
September 27, 2017

So, we are real estate people right? Whether title insurance professionals, real estate professionals, lenders, real estate attorneys or attorney title agents – so why aren’t we showing this professional side by creating secure websites and secure email accounts so that our customers and clients information and finances are kept safe and private throughout their transaction?

If you are still using aol accounts, yahoo accounts and gmail accounts, it is time to step it up because you are placing yourself and your customers or clients at risk to cyber threats and possible loss of funds for their closing because of wire fraud through phishing attempts.

If you would like to trash those accounts and get down to business, I suggest you start with checking out the GoDaddy website or other web service vendor – https://www.godaddy.com/email/professional-email.

You can create your own domain for your email account or website, you can have them host your account and even provide email encryption. GoDaddy and others can also help you set-up and host your website so that your website and email domains match.

If you are using AOL, Yahoo or Gmail, you should at least set it up to be a safer environment while you are learning and setting up a separate domain for you and your business.

Need some help understanding or implementing 2 factor verification or authentication, well here you go – read on and enjoy.

FOR AOL – https://help.aol.com/articles/2-step-verification-stronger-than-your-password-alone

FOR YAHOO – https://help.yahoo.com/kb/account/secure-yahoo-accountsln2080.html?impressions=true

FOR GMAIL PLUS GREAT HOW TO’S –https://www.google.com/landing/2step/

Even if your company is secure, please share this information with your customers who may not be. More importantly, stay CYBER safe out there!

Looking for additional educational opportunities? ILTA has you covered – check out our next set of designation classes being offered on Nov 15 & 16!